Mission Statement

The Shaker Sports Booster Club is committed to supporting boys’ and girls’ athletic and athletic-related activities , to recognize athletics and promote athletic standards at Shaker Heights High School, to advocate the health and safety of the athletes through appropriate athletic rules and regulations, and to develop and maintain goodwill and good relations for the total athletic program as it affects both students and the community.

Game Plan

The SHHS Sports Booster Club is a parent-run, volunteer organization consisting of SHHS families, coaches, teachers, administrators and alumni. Our primary purposes are to:

  • Recognize our student athletes in the community and in the high school
  • Help coaches with special expenditures above and beyond the regular budgeted items
  • Grant the Shaker Raider Award to senior athletes
  • Promote school spirit

Ticket to Success

Sports is not just about winning or losing. Many studies have linked participation in sports to such qualities as:

  • Leadership skills
  • Greater discipline
  • Ability to function in a team setting
  • Good grades

One recent survey* found that four out of five women executives had played sports in high school and credited their involvement in sports as an important factor in their success.

*Survey by Oppenheimer Funds/Massachusetts Life Insurance Co.

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