Raiders News · Shaker Figure Skaters to Compete in 2018 Ohio HS Team Figure Skating Championships at Thornton Park Feb. 10th-11th

This weekend the 2018 Ohio High School Team Figure Skating Championships will be held on February 10-11 at Thornton Park.  This competition is sponsored by the Shaker Figure Skating Club and a team of 25 students from the SHHS, SMS and Woodbury  (listed below) will be competing against skaters representing approximately 18 other school districts.

SHHS, SMS & Woodbury skaters competing:
Sarah Cawley
Annabel Coxon
Kylie Farrell
Charlotte Fusco
Sophia Geisler
Anna Kate Graban
Abigail Harper
Claire Hawk
Maya Hollander
Emma Khayat
Annie Koppitch
Morgan Leeson
Caleigh Leiken
Sascha Leiken
Lucy Moore
Julia Mennes
Katie Northrop
Elle O’Brien
Maria Pitas
Veronica Prause
Sonia Robinson
Shawn Sanders
Hannah Shane
Maddy Suna
Sofia Wolken

This year’s team captains are Charlotte Fusco, Veronica Prause, Sophia Geisler, Maddy Suna and Claire Hawk.

Of special note, a group production event is scheduled for Sunday at 8:30 a.m.  In this event, our team members will perform as a group.

In addition, there are individual and team events scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday.   Click on the link below for a full schedule of events.